We want to support what we care about

Of course we like to do good business - who doesn't? But social commitment should not be neglected either.

In addition to regional associations and schools, we sponsor and support the organisations listed here with the brokerage fees you pay.

Plan is an international children's charity active in developing countries that promotes children's rights. Children are at the centre of their work, which is primarily financed through sponsorships with the aim of empowering girls and boys and improving their living situation through long-term programmes and projects.

Under the slogan "Research helps heal", the foundation supports various nationwide and international research projects. Projects with a total volume of 8 million euros have already been funded. Its activities focus on the support of prevention, early detection, improved and new therapies as well as follow-up care and support for involved families.

Welthungerhilfe provides aid from a single source: from rapid emergency aid after a disaster to long-term projects with local partners. For us, overcoming hunger also means overcoming poverty. We support people in need and poverty regardless of their skin colour, religion or ideology. However, helping cannot mean handing out gifts. Effective help means opening up opportunities for people to shape their own lives and futures free from hunger and need - helping people to help themselves.

Pfennigparade supports physically disabled people and offers prospects. After all: a high degree of independence and integration means a good quality of life. The foundation is committed to ensuring that physically disabled people are treated equally in our society.

Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders provides emergency medical aid when the lives of many people are threatened in war zones or after natural disasters - no questions asked about origin, religion or political conviction.

Little patients in need

"Kleine Patienten in Not e.V." is an association that has set itself the task of helping children in emergency situations. The organisation is registered in the Amberg Register of Associations and recognised by the tax authorities as serving non-profit and charitable purposes.