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Because free valuations are worthless.

In many cases, free property valuations are offered today. These are determined using the Vergleichswertverfahren (sales comparison approach) in order to provide a quick result based on the key data of the property to be valued. The type, location and equipment of the property are hardly taken into account - if the approximately correct value of the property is not identified by a lucky strike, high deviations from the market value are to be expected. The costs of an appraisal by sworn experts are based on the value of the property, so that disproportionately high sums can quickly become due for these valuations.

We determine the value of your property with expertise, experience and a specially developed valuation procedure that delivers realistic and reliable results - at a fair price.

We only charge a nominal fee of €400 for our market value analysis. When a sales order is placed, the amount is refunded to the client.

Which methods are used?

Basically, three different methods can be used to determine the value of developed and undeveloped land: the Sachwertverfahren (German cost approach), the Ertragswertverfahren (German income method) and the Vergleichswertverfahren (sales comparison approach).

The asset value is obtained by adding the value of the land and the current value of the building. This method is mainly used for detached houses and estates with a high proportion of land.

The income value relates the purchase price to the income generated or to be generated by the property, i.e. the rental income. It is mainly used for the valuation of real estate capital investments and as a supplementary value assessment for apartment buildings and flats.

The sales comparison approach determines the value of the property in relation to recently sold properties which are comparable in terms of type, location and equipment. This method is preferably used in the valuation of owner-occupied flats.

How do we avoid the problems of free or overpriced valuations?

In our specially developed procedure, the Sachwertverfahren (German cost approach) is supplemented by the Vergleichswertverfahren (sales comparison approach). For the valuation of land, we use the actual land prices paid on the market for comparable locations. For the valuation of buildings, we do not determine the normal production costs, but rather the construction prices, which have risen sharply in recent times, with reference to the living space or the enclosed space and under evaluation of the equipment and furnishings. In the case of flats and apartment buildings, we also integrate the Ertragswertverfahren (German income approach), taking into account the current yield expectations of the market.

This is the only way to determine the actual market value of a property at the moment.

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