Selling real estate

Every property can be sold.

Your property can be small or large, rented or unrented, vacant or occupied, loud or quiet, light or dark, old or new, flawless or with many faults. We have over 40 years of experience in the greater Munich area, Freising, the Munich Airport region and Upper Bavaria and offer you a free consultation without any obligation.

We know that the sale of one's own house, flat or property is often an emotional topic - accordingly, we offer sensitive, honest and goal-oriented advice.

We know our clients well - so when you sell your property, you not only save valuable time, but also spare your nerves.


Are you thinking about selling your property in the form of a life annuity? You should be careful with most offers. We will be happy to advise you honestly and free of charge.

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10 good reasons for selling through us as your partner:

It's about your assets - and they should be in the right hands. As it goes for your health and your choice of doctor, you should only settle for subject matter experts.

Through decades of experience in our industry, we know what really matters and we share this knowledge with you.

We focus passionately on every property. For us, everything revolves around the property and a good feeling in the cooperation.

Our employees are experienced professionals who specialise in a particular area. We do not simply determine the prices as a "ballpark figure", but proceed consciously and strategically. For us, market experience is the natural basis of our daily work.

Online, in relevant real estate portals, in the print media and in the shop window. Meaningful exposés are a must for us and the perfect start for your property on the market.

Our employees are trained in dealing with prospective real estate buyers and reliably represent your interests during price negotiations and reconciliations.

We maintain very good contacts with banks, financiers, tax advisors, lawyers, architects and notaries, so we can provide you with quick appointments and ensure that all agreements and information are legally up to date at all times.

Our service offers you the best availability and also enables our trained staff to carry out visitations at short notice.

Thanks to our high profile and the customer base we have built up over the years, we can fall back on a wide network that we are happy to use for you.

We are a member of the Immobilienverband Deutschland (IVD), the German association of real estate consultants, brokers, administrators and experts. This means that our work is subject to certain regulations and is monitored to a certain extent, which offers you even more security and reliability in our cooperation.

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We pay a commission for every successful closing!

Your acquaintances, relatives or friends are currently looking to sell a property in the districts of Munich, Freising, Pfaffenhofen, Dachau, Fürstenfeldbruck, Erding, Landshut, Ebersberg? We would be pleased to receive your recommendation.